Life with Our Itty Bitty Baby Girl

We’re moving!

Posted on: October 4, 2009

Blogs, that is!

I’m finally going to make the shift to blogger, which will give us a lot more freedom.  Wordpress, you might be good for serious folks, but my girl needs a little more fun.

PLEASE make the move with us!  The new address is . All further posts (including the one I’m about to write!) and all past posts are available there.  So go ahead, take a second, and change your bookmarks, Google readers, blogrolls, RSS feeds, etc…however you get to us.  Thanks!

We’ll see you over at the new blog: !


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Becca’s First Picture

Just How Itty Is Itty Bitty?

Becca was born three months early, weighing only 13 ounces and measuring only 9.5 inches long, after a 7-month prenatal struggle. She is the smallest baby ever to survive in Tennessee, and one of the smallest in the world. And she's definitely the cutest. Technically too small at birth to be viable, today she is a healthy - and very happy - little girl. We still have some challenges and lots of doctor's appointment, but Itty Bitty is a lot of Big Honkin' Fiesty Fun. Enjoy peeking in at our life with Itty Bitty Big Girl Becca!

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